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Summer Camp

2016 Summer Olympics Camp!! 

-No Price Increase From Last Year


Summer Camp Starts June 27th and runs for 9 weeks! 

Check out the New Camp Themes, Events and Field Trips  Below!

Pricing :
Summer Camp Class Schedule

This is offered at both location

At Head Over Heels, we want to make summer camp as easy as apple pie! Which is why we offer our flex scheduling - you pick your days, weeks, times and we'll charge you accordingly! We also offer Early Drop Off and Late Pick Up options! Plus, we offer a lot of amazing discounts - multi-week, sibling, and more! 

Full Day: 9:00am - 4:00pm

Our full day camp offers 8 hours of jam packed excitement - gymnastics, crafts, field trips, in-house events, and special elective classes such as dance, cheer, and karate! Our full day camp is the best way to get the most bang for your buck as everything is included in the price! Full day camp is for children 4 & up as of June 1st. 

Weekly Price: $320

Daily Price:  $74

Add on early drop off OR late pick up for an additional $10!

Extended Day:  7:45am - 6:00pm

Our extended day camp is perfect for the working parent! You have the flexbility to drop your child off as early as 7:45am and pick them up as late as 6:00pm. Your child will still receive all of the benefits of full day camp, including field trips and in-house events! Extended day camp is for children 4 years of age and older.

Weekly Price: $320 (plus additional daily fee of $15 for early drop off and late pickup)

Daily Price: $74 (plus additional fee of $15 for early drop off and late pickup)

Half Day: 9:00am - 1:00pm

Our half day camp is perfect for little campers, or children who have other obligations in the afternoons. Our half day camp includes gymnastics, crafts, movie trips, swimming trips, and special elective classes such as dance, cheer, and karate! Half day camp includes the Cinemark Movie Trips, and the Swimming Trips. For all other trips, the child MUST be enrolled for full day camp the date of the trip. Please give us 24-hours notice if your child will be switching to full day camp in order to participate on a field trip. Half day camp for ages 3 & up as of June 1st. All campers must be potty trained. 

Weekly Price:  $190

Daily Price:  $45

Add on early drop off for just $10!

Field Trips & In House Events:
Summer Camp Class Schedule
Trip Schedule (Click Here)

Weekly Themes: 

Week 1: Silly Game Week 

Week 2: Space Invaders

Week 3: Through the Decades

Week 4: Science Friction 

Week 5: Pirate Invasion on Treasure Island 

Week 6: Wild Wild West 

Week 7: Mystery Theme

Week 8: Under the Sea Oylmpics 

Week 9: It's a Jungle in Here! 

Typical Day: 

7:45-9 am   Extended Care AM

8:45 am       Sign in 

9:00 am      Warm up 

9:15 am      Gymnastics Rotations 

10:15 am    Snack, Themed Arts/Crafts

10:45 am    Special Activity or Event*

11:45 am     Lunch 

1:00 pm       Half Day Dismissal

1:00 pm      Special Activity or Event 

2:30 pm      Gymnastics Rotations 

                     Games, Activities and Snack

4:00 pm      Full Day Dismissal

4:00 pm      Extended Care PM

                                                                                                                                                                                  In House Events:


Week 1- 6/27         Opening Ceremonies- MT & PL                 

Week 2- 7/5            Party Maniacs- Middletown  

                                    Lizard Guys- Parlin    

Week 3- 7/14          Lizard Guys- Middletown

                                    Party Maniacs- Parlin

Week 4- 7/21          NJ Jugglers- Middletown

                                    Mad Science- Parlin

Week 5- 7/26          Grasso Painting- Middletown  

                                    NJ Jugglers- Parlin

Week 6- 8/2            Mad Science- Middletown

                                    Grasso Painting-Parlin

Week 7- 8/11          Jay Jay The bubble Guy- Middletown

                                   Puppet Show- Parlin 

Week 8- 8/16          Ceramics- Middletown

                                    Jay Jay the Bubble Guy- Parlin

Week 9- 8/25          Puppet Show- Middletown

                                   Ceramics- Parlin

Field Trips

Swimming (Once a week) 

Creative Experience 


Pirate Ship Adventure 

Jenkinson's Aquarium

Farm Tour at Holmdel Park 


Blackbeard's Cave 

Amusement Park 

(dates subject to change) 

Camper Check List: 

1. Comfortable clothing 

2. Lots and lots of water 

3. Lunch (Nut Free please) 

4. Minimum of two snacks 

5. Blanket/Towel for "quiet time" 

Field Trip Days:

1. Camp T-Shirt must be worn. (provided by us on the campers first day)

2. Lunch (Nut Free please)

3. Sneakers must be worn 


Do we offer make ups?

  • We only offer make ups in the event of illness. You must provide a dated doctor's note to schedule your make up.

Do we offer refunds?

  • Your child is guaranteed to have a great time! We are so sure of that, we do not offer any refunds or credits.

Do we offer discounts?

  • Yes! We have discounts for Monday-Friday, siblings, multiple weeks and an awesome early bird special!

How are the children grouped?

  • Campers are organized in age groups.  Each morning, campers will sign in and receive a wrist band indicating the group they are in for the day.

What is the coach to camper ratio?

  • Our coaches are safety certified and follow the guidlines set by USA Gymnastics outlining an 8 to 1 ratio.  For mini campers, we use a 6 to 1 ratio.

Who provides lunch?

  • Each camper is responsible to bring their own cold lunch, unless otherwise specified by us.  We also recommend each child bring 2-3 snacks and lots of water!

          Please no peanuts and tree nuts!

**Full Day Camp for ages 4 & up as of June 1st, Half day camp for ages 3 & up as of June 1st.  All campers MUST be potty trained**

Available Discounts:

* 10% EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT (by April 15th

* 10% second child discount * 20% third (or more) child(ren) discount

* MULTI-WEEK DISCOUNTS: 4th & 5th weeks 10%, 6th & 7th weeks 15% and 8th & 9th weeks 20%.

"How do parents feel about Head Over Heels Camp...Read Below!"

To the Coaches, Staff and Management of Head Over Heels Gymnastics: 

I have wanted to send this email for quite some time and just never got around to it.  Today, "L's" last day of camp seemed like the perfect time to share my thoughts.  

First, I must say that "L" has had "the best summer ever".  As a parent, it's exactly what I want to hear- She's made the friends and memories that we all hope for our children to have when they recall their childhood summers one day.  I've watched her grow this summer not just physically but emtionally, trying new things, becoming a little braver than when she started.  

When we were looking at summer camp options she told us she wanted to spend the whole summer at HOH, as opposed to just the 1 week she did last summer.  We really had to weigh our options, there were more cost effective choices; there were camps that were more expensive and offered a plethora of different activities, curricula, etc.  What it came down to at the end of the day was this- who did I trust to care for "L".  The answer was clear. 

Everone, and I do mean everyone at HOH is so committed to what they do everyday and I know that what you do is not easy.  Olga and Cassie answered my hundreds of questions with patience, enduring my regular "How's she doing?" calls with humor and reassurance a Mom needs.  Dawn has been a great addition to the team and I enjoy sharing our Mom-to-Mom stories.  Ashley did a fantastic job creating a fun and interesting summer experience, just managing the wrist bands alone deserves a medal! And all of your coaches Amy, Vlad, Jim, Ashley,Tina, Christina, Nicole and Matt were so thoughtful, caring and diligent in the way they worked with "L".  I was at ease, I was not my usual, over- worried self and because of that I was able to just sit back with joy seeing how much fun she was having.  In those first few week, She'd come home and by 7:30 she would say I need a shower, and I need to go to bed.  The best kind of exhaustion.  When I pick her up she is talking a mile a minute about all the things she did and saw and who she played with and that "everyone is super nice"  What more can I ask for?

I currently work and spent my entire career in HR so I fully appreciate the importance of good employees and the difference that can make in a business' success or failure.  Our CEO says that "We are only as good as our talent [employees] and it's our talent thats defines us".  This is apparent at Head Over Heels- Your talent defines you and by far the greatest asset.  

So, I am saying to you, sincerely: Thank You ALL for giving "L" "the best summer ever"!! Enjoy the pizza 

Camp Mom 

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